4 Secret Tasks of iPhone Home Button

Click once on the iPhone's Home button, and (naturally enough) will take you to the home screen. Double click the file, and you'll see the iPhone multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen. But what happens if you try triple-clicking the Home button?

Well, most of the time, you just wind up back in the home screen or, if you're already on the home screen, the multitasking bar a short game of peek-a-boo play.

But if you flip a switch deep in the Settings menu, you will be able to choose between four (or five, strictly speaking) new features triple-clicking the Home button to activate.

Tap Settings, General, Accessibility, and then scroll all the way down to a setting labeled "Triple-click Home." Probably it is set to "Off". Feeling adventurous? Then go ahead and tap.

You will see a quartet of actions that the iPhone can take you three times on the Home button. They include:

·         Toggle VoiceOver: Choose this option and the iPhone will switch to a mode where it reads web pages, email, and navigation labels on its touchscreen, perfect for iPhone users with visual impairments.
·         Toggle White on Black: In this mode, the iPhone reverses the colors on its screen, resulting in a display that shows white text on a black background for email, text messages, and most web pages. The inverted colors don’t stop there, though; wait until you get a load of the groovy white-on-black home screen.

·         Toggle Zoom: Find yourself squinting at the tiny text on your iPhone’s screen? Turn on the Zoom function to magnify the display with a three-finger tap.

·         Toggle AssistiveTouch: Activates a mode that lets you “pinch” or swipe the display—or even “shake” the entire phone, for that matter—without actually having to pinch, swipe, or shake, an essential feature for anyone without the full use of their fingers.

There is also a fifth option for triple-clicking the Home button "Ask", which allows your iPhone to ask if you want to disable VoiceOver, White on black, or Zoom. (AssistiveTouch is not one of the "demand" options, oddly enough.)