Do you want to know the history of open source software easily?

Free and open source software is software that is kind of user software and its source code practice, has the right to modify and design development, which copy right - have not saved any software. This type of software is software that is independent of time.

 The main features of the software includes :
• The random distribution of software (which can be used, copied, sold, etc.) are.
• The open source code or signal, which means the source code can be easily collected.
• the original and modified versions of software to arbitrarily change the right of distribution.
• any person in any place, any right to use the software.

The software needed for computer work that is free and open source software is about all the work. The standard example is the type of software, Linux, or GNU Linux . Due to the open source code

How is the free software movement, and is a free operating system Linux.GNU is free software movement, beginning in September 1983 or the start of the project, which introduced the Linux name is Richard, a talented programmer time. Artificial Intelligence Richard in Linux office LAN (AI Lab) and his colleagues had to work with one of the best exercises to share with others, help each other in many ways the program can be better. But in 1981, when the old computer AI instead of a new computer purchase is LAN, it could be seen with the operating system software that has been given none of it. And those who use their computer to any other conditions of the contract will not be revealed or released. This means that the computer user that does not help to be a friend nearby. The owner of the software to create a rule that "If you have it in you, you are a thief. If you want to change it, no, we have to ask permission. "

The owners of this perversion of Richard install software that can understand him when he refused to go to the printer to control than a program. He realized that the more programs your computer needs to change and any other computer user should have the freedom to distribute and to help others. Helping others is because the society is based.

He realized his skills to create computer programs that are he will create a computer program itself, which is independent of the will and the use of computer users do not constitute an independent society. He leaves his job in 1984 AI lab and began working to create a free operating system Linux. Compete with the opposition to work with, it is up to the year 1991 a number of associated software, but can not create any operating system.
Since 1991, fifty thousand dollars to purchase the operating system market, Bill Gates is the name of the DOS operating system, a single rule. This was not an option other than personal computer users. It was also common to all operating systems that were quite expensive for individual users. In particular, the operating system for domestic use was not uiniksa. University in 1987 as a Principal.