Jailbreak Apple Simply Using Command Line in Windows

A5 jailbreak Absinthe is now officially released for Windows, but still like some geek users jailbreak their devices using Command Line Interface (CLI) method. Here I am giving you step by step instructions to A5 devices using CLI jailbreak method released. Jailbreaking using CLI method is simple but not easy to compare with Absinthe for Windows. Dev. Team recommend it only for advanced users, but it's not that much dangerous as you think.

So here you go. Advanced users go to the end of the post for quick list of commands used!!

Step 1:
Make sure your iDevice is backed up using iTunes & Passcode is deactivated

Step 2:
Download Absinthe CLI files (Cinject) from here

Step 3:
Connect your iDevice to your PC

Step 4:
Extract the downloaded zip file to any folder.
(I extracted it to my user folder C:\users\yourusername & renamed that folder to cinject for easy typing)

Step 5:
Launch Command line (CMD) on your windows machine.
Press Win key + R & type “CMD” & press enter

Step 6:
Now CD Command line to “cinject” folder
CD C:\users\yourusername\cinject
And press enter

Step 7:
Now type cinject & press enter to make sure that “cinject” is in the selected folder and working

Step 8:
Your command line will look like this:

Usage: cinject [ options ]

Corona injector CLI v0.4.3
Copyright (C) 2011-2012 by iPhone Dev. Team
With exploit work by: @pod2g, @planetbeing, @saurik, @pimskeks, @p0sixninja, @Mu
scleNerd, and @xvolks

Configuration profiles:
-l             List current profiles
-i <file>      Install profile
-r [<pattern>] Remove all profiles, or profiles matching pattern

AFC transfers:
-a <number>    Alternative afc service to use (2 is available after jailbreak)
-u <file> …  Upload file(s) via afc (add final “dir=dirname” to specify which afc directory)
-d [<dir>]     Show list of files in afc directory
-X <path>      Delete afc directory or file

ROP assistance:
-s             Compute slide
-e             Erase existing crash logs
-g             Get diagnostics

Backups and restores:
-B             Create backup
-R             Restore from backup
-L <mbdb_file> List contents of an MBDB file
-M <file>      Modify the ipsec.plist on device
-p <file>      Modify the preferences.plist (requires -f too)
-f <file>      File to use with -p
-H             Hide media files
-U             Unhide media files

Chained operations:
-j <dir>       Jailbreak device using given payloads directory (ADVANCED use only!)

-w                     Watch syslog
-v <level>     Debug verbosity level
-h                      This help message


Step 9:
Now type the following command without quotes & press enter
“cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig”
This will install an profile in your iDevice.

Now  you will see dialog like this in your iDevice.
Now select “Install”

Now select “Install Now” and Install the Profile.

Step 11:
Now select next without entering any password.

now VPN profile for jailbreak will be installed & you can close settings & return to command line.

Step 12:
Now enter the following command without quotes in CMD cinject -j payloads

Your CMD will look like this 

C:\Users\Pavel\cinject>cinject -j payloads
Finding slide…
Generating ROP…
ROP was generated
Uploaded corona/payload
Uploaded corona/payload-vars
Uploaded corona/racoon-exploit.conf
Uploaded corona/vnimage.clean
Uploaded corona/vnimage.overflow
Uploaded corona/vnimage.payload
Uploaded corona/corona.tgz
Uploaded corona/cleanup
Uploaded corona/com.apple.ipsec.plist
Uploaded corona/Cydia.tgz
Uploaded corona/filemover
Uploaded corona/filemover.plist
Uploaded corona/gzip
Uploaded corona/jailbreak
Uploaded corona/jailbreak.mobileconfig
Uploaded corona/jb.plist
Uploaded corona/racoon-exploit-bootstrap.conf
Uploaded corona/tar
Creating backup…
72 files backed up
Adding custom com.apple.ipsec.plist to backup


1 files restored

Now use “cinject -w” to start watching the syslog.

Then toggle VPN on and look for the “pod2g is in da house!” syslog message.

This actually takes an backup of your .plist files and modify some values and restore it plus inject some files for jailbreak.

Some users will stuck in backup those users “Erase All Content and Settings” setup like new iPad & after jailbreak restore backup with iTunes.

Step 13:

Now enter following code in command line without quotes
cinject -w

Now your command line will look like matrix wallpaper, ignore everything.

Step 14:

At the end when it stops, Go to VPN Settings in your iDevice and toggle VPN ON and look for syslog message pod2g is in da house!. After that your iDevice will restart and  you will see cydia on screen. Launch Cydia and enjoy your Jailbroken iPhone 4S &and iPad 2.