Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Users

There are dozens of major Web browsers are available for Android, depending on the features you need. Whether it synchronize with your desktop, or super-fast browsing, or support for Flash navigation, you have opportunities on some of them popular, others not so much. They are briefly discussed below. You can choose which suits you the most.


Firefox for Android is a long way since the days in beta. It's fast, it's free, fully supports Firefox Sync, so if you use Firefox on the desktop, it will bring to your bookmarks and passwords. It is the first truly mobile browser support not keep up, and the "Awesome Page" start screen that shows all your recently visited tabs helps you right back to what you are doing if you had to put down the phone. It also supports add-ons and personas, although not too many of them yet. A few options, and Firefox would be a good contender for our favorite, but it's obviously been one of you, and for good reason.


Chrome for Android finally left beta last month, that means that it may be the new "stock" browser on Android devices ... assuming you're Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 or higher. If you are using ICS or Jellybean on the device, Chrome for Android is a must-download. It supports Incognito browsing mode, Chrome bookmark sync via ActiveSync, and in its most recent update, now supports synchronizing search, tab syncing and more-everything Chrome can synchronize your desktop will look for you on your Android device. Chrome for Android is also optimized for mobile, which means that fast. The only downside is that Google has not made it available for phones with Gingerbread or tablets down with honeycomb.

Dolphin Browser HD/Mini

Dolphin Browser is another favorite web browser for Android, and for good reason. Dolphin's options and features are unmatched, even in comparison with the big name browsers, supports dozens of third-party plug-ins and tools to its potential to expand, has built-in speech-to-text with Dolphin Sonar, supports on-screen gestures to bookmarks to open and navigate pages, and comes in two flavors: the "HD" version for phones that can handle all his functions, and a "Mini" version of the unit owners who want speed and spirited performance on options. Even if you are attracted to one of the big names, Dolphin is worth at least a try.

Boat Browser/Mini

In the early days of Android, one of the first browsers in the browser challenge an application file was missing and called Look. Look was a great navigator and versatile, but for unknown reasons, it is difficult to find these days. If you like Look, Explorer Boat is the spiritual successor. Fast, light and completely free, the boat is intuitive, supports add-ons, and has a voice control motor powerful (so you can say "Facebook" and the browser will Facebook for you). You can even change the skin and the issue of user interface if desired, adjust the home page of speed dial your favorite sites, and more. If the phone can not handle the full version or just want a more light (which is hard to believe), Mini Boat is for you.

Opera Mobile/Mini

If you're a fan of the Opera on the desktop, Opera Mobile will perfectly suit you. Opera Mobile is compatible with Opera Link, allowing you to synchronize your bookmarks, speed dial, and other preferences of the user's desktop to install Opera. Other than that, Opera Mobile is fast, free, and goes out of his way to compress data in the background, so you can surf your favorite sites without having to blow along the tops of wireless data services. Opera even has its own mini-application store, filled with third-party add-ons to the browser or games that make it more fun to use to improve. Having an older device? Opera Mini is a better choice, gets most of the functions, but the speed even more.