How to Remove Password From PDF Files

Some PDF files are free to open, while others are password protected. The password for the PDF files you may know, but it is a very daunting task to the password every time and every time you want it open files in PDF format especially when the files are hosted on the computer and nobody else has access.

Do not worry, there is a simple tool that will help you to remove passwords from your tool is called PDF files. This BeCyPDFMetaEdit, it can help remove the passwords of protected PDF files, but it works only on Windows.

  1. Execute the above given program and it will ask you to select the PDF file. 
  2. Before Selecting, change the mode to "Complete Rewrite".
  3. Move to the Security Tab and set the option of "Security System" to "No Encryption"
  4. Click Save, You will no longer need a password for that particular PDF File.
Now It's done.