“In-Cell” Touchscreen Display Concepts: New Apple Patent

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A new patent shows Apple has released Apple's interest in the so-called "in the cell of" touch technologies that are rumored to appear in the next generation iPhone. Determination of the cell technology, the touch sensors are integrated directly into the screen instead of a separate layer, it is said that one of the most important developments of Apple is used to the thickness of the iPhone will be reduced to only 7.6 mm which was previously 9.3 mm thick.

The patent, which originally served in June 2007 for the original iPhone, and even offered for sale is based on a provisional patent application as far back as June 2006, points to Apple's goal of reducing device size, complexity and production costs as it was an attempt to revolutionize the mobile phone industry.

Here is LCD touch screen (LCD); touch-sensitive elements display circuit integration. Integration can take many forms. Touch sensing elements can be implemented entirely within the liquid crystal cell, but not outside the plate between the color filter and the die plate. Alternatively, a contact between the measuring elements is color filter array and with the other plates touches sensing elements that are not between the plates.
Apple patent scope with 85 claims and 107 figures cover a variety of different concepts for how touch sensors can be integrated into LCDs, including both general ideas and processes that can be used to build the screens.