Amazing Tips: Add Twitter To Google+

Today I will show you an amazing tip to add twitter tweets to Google+ page. It will save a lot time of yours. Because then you don’t need to login to Twitter and Google+ account separately. By logging into Google+ account you can see all the tweets from your twitter account. This amazing process of adding twitter posts to Google+ is possible by a great but simple application provided by MyTweetPlace. If you use both twitter and Google+ regularly, then this application will be very useful to you.

Once the application is installed, you should be able to have a Twitter button next to regular tabs on Google+. If you click this button which is added newly, you can do the following things:

  1. Read your Twitter feed live.
  2. See what is trending on Twitter.
  3. Post new tweets.
  4. Check your twitter inbox.

These are the most common and basic tasks on twitter and you can do all those from Google+. So that now you don't need to login to twitter account for those above common tasks.

Here is what the twitter application for Google+ looks like -

Step by step process to install twitter application for Google+:

  1. Click here to install the twitter app.
  2. Once installed, restart your browser and log into your Google Plus account.
  3. At the top you will see a twitter button. Click it and click the Sign in button so that you could permit the application to access your twitter feed.