Future of Mobiles in 2013

If you are a developer wondering where trends are heading or a customer waiting to upgrade your Smartphone to see what is the latest design, it pays to know the trends for mobile this year. This is what experts predict that by the year 2013 with the motive.

More and More Apps

Do not expect the trend to stop applications in the short term. According to research conducted by experts, trends are moving away from the PC for more than one implementation approach. Companies continue to follow this trend and application design for customers and developers to design new applications for fun and support for users of focus.

More Connection with Other Devices

Users expect the transition from mobile phone to PC to be perfect, just like what the Kindle Whispersync offers. Readers can read on one device and pick up at the same place on another device.

Battles Between the Brands

Reputable companies continue to counter each new version with something bigger and better than its previous. At present, the main competitors of Apple and Samsung. This means that even more devices with more features, to motivate him to change.

More Flexibility

You may have seen the demonstrations but thought that it will never become real, but you can bet that the flexible Smartphone on the way to the consumer. It will be lighter and more durable. This technology is mastered by Samsung, nowadays Nokia also catches up. As more companies enter the contest, probably the first anywhere in the market in 2013.

Better Cameras

Not only in the more megapixels, already seeing improvements, but in advanced technology. So you see something in camera phones you have in the revolutionary Lytro camera. Along with that, you can get more options for 3D photos and video.

One thing is certain, as the technology advances to other teams, but also affects what you get with a Smartphone. 2013 an exciting year for the next purchase.