Samsung Galaxy S4: Will Launch in April

The blockbuster sequel Galaxy S3 Samsung Electronics will launch in April.

That's according to the news site Snowmobile Samsung phone launch on April 15 pins.

The Galaxy S franchise has become a true competitor to the iPhone, and hype barns and store as much anticipation as Apple Smartphone. While earlier iterations of the Galaxy S phone faced a slow start, the Galaxy S3 catapulted out of the door as a success, and has performed very well, even if other phones of competition have faded. The Samsung phone has helped in the top of the handset manufacturers.

The S4 Galaxy - which ultimately could be branded Galaxy S IV - will feature wireless charging and will be key. But unlike other Smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920 or DNA Droid, the service will not be built. Users need a kit with a wireless charging and buying replacement upholstery, the report said.

The next Galaxy S phone also reportedly features a large 2600 mAh battery, compared to the Galaxy S3 2100 mAh battery.

With a release date in April, SamMobile said Samsung was able to hold his own event in March, or perhaps reveal the Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress, will begin in late February. The Galaxy S3 was unveiled at an event for Samsung in May last year.

Even if the start date is April 15 that does not necessarily mean that the S4 Galaxy will make its way to the United States at that time. As with the Galaxy S III, the phone can throw at different times depending on when U.S. companies, such as the telephone, which can vary from days two weeks of its release.
Samsung declined to comment on the report, saying he did not want to comment on rumors.