Apple's New 'Spaceship' Campus: See The Unseen !!!

Apple is going to build it's new campus, which will be known as "Spaceship". See the outside & inside images of that mind blowing campus.

Outside Images: 

Inside Images:

Here is the first view of one of the entrances to the main "spaceship building."
One of the first views of inside the actual building. You can see slate-like walls and glass balconies. The glass walls give plenty of light on the inside. There are also promotional product banners hanging from the ceiling.

Here you can see people entering the building from one of its entrances. It's also clear to see the scale of the building compared to the size of the people in the foreground.

One of the high-ceiling cafeterias the building will have to offer, including an upper section.

Employees and will be able to work outside (when the weather is pleasant). The building is slated for completion in 2016.

Here is the visitor's entrance. It's glass and circular, and surrounded by plant life and trees.

The campus itself is huge — spanning many city blocks. Apple says the environmental impact of the building will actually increase the number of trees and grassy areas the plot of land will occupy.

An inside view of the campus. The roof of the building will have about 650,000 sq. ft. of solar panels that will help to power the building's vast energy resources.

Here is Apple's corporate transit area, where employees will be able to get buses and other means of transport to the next-generation campus.

And for the lucky members of the press invited to one of Apple's media events, a circular pavilion away from the main campus will be where Apple chief executive Tim Cook and other senior staff will showcase the company's new products and services.

This is inside of the underground auditorium that will seat approximately 1,000 people. 

Staff who take the car to work will drive into a vast underground parking space beneath the main campus building itself. 

This image shows where staff will be able to work out away from the main building. The new campus will come with a bevy of employee-supporting features, including a gym.

The new car parking area will be splattered with plant life and laden with solar panels in order to generate energy for the various buildings planned for the new campus. 

Here's a view of one of the security checkpoints on the campus. The wider public will not be allowed to enter the massive plot of land, except for members of the press during authorized times.

There will, however, be a dedicated visitor center away from the main campus. It will be distanced from areas where products and services are developed to keep in line with the company's secrecy efforts.

Another view of the corporate transit center, where buses will pick up and drop off employees, helping to reduce the number of emissions on the green and Eco-friendly campus.
I hope all of you enjoy the images.

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