Free Wi-Fi to New York City: By Google

Google recently announced that it would provide free Wi-Fi to a neighborhood of New York City, Chelsea, where Google's headquarters are located. It would have an outdoor service for all tourists and residents and indoor coverage Social interest housing.

True High Speed

Google Wi-Fi provides approximately 5 to 10 megabits per second, which translates into speed Internet connection in the average home. The fiber optic high speed extends coverage areas can expect download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. That is 200 times faster than an Internet connection at home typical.

Low Cost

While Google said it has no plans other than to contribute to the area where it is based, were New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Charles Schumer intrigued by the low cost and said they would like all of New York have Wi-Fi . They said it was only a fraction of what it costs the state of arena and would like free internet service to everyone in the state.

Cost only $ 115,000 to the technology installed by Chelsea Wi-Fi to get and has a $ 45,000 annual cost of maintenance. We covered two thirds of the costs and local public defender, Chelsea Improvement Company, covered the rest.

While New York had Wi-Fi in 20 parks, this was the first public appearance of widespread Wi-Fi is provided. The challenges of providing Internet service in a densely populated area are hampered by the high buildings and clear signals.

Google also provides WiFi in Mountain View, where it is headquartered. It also has Internet services temporarily in the subway stations of New York, airports and other places. Google is able and motivated to deal with the problems that come with building infrastructure because it makes money when people connect to the Internet.