Samsung Phones To Use Ubuntu OS

The Ubuntu operating system (OS) of the Smartphone will be released next month - Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices.

In early January, the software development company behind the Ubuntu operating system, Canonical announced that an interface "distinctive Smartphone, you can access the market, but could not say what specific phone launch.

Now we have found that users of Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the first to try Ubuntu, which is designed to compete with the likes of Google Android.

During a press conference in London last week Canonical engineering, Alan Pope, said a downloadable image of the next system will be available in late February for users of the Galaxy Nexus.

Canonical private company, which was founded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, will focus on the range of Smartphones, from low to high-end devices with your mobile Ubuntu OS.

The phone interface for Ubuntu introduces voice commands and text in any application for faster access to rich features, both native and web apps or HTML5, personalized art evolves in the welcome screen and a global search for applications, content and products.

Thumb gestures of the four edges of the screen, users can switch between content and applications "faster than other phones to find, and the controls appear only when the user wants.

Integrated Computer Solutions CEO, Peter Winston, said that a true open source player has the opportunity to become a major player in the emerging markets, but also with people who are already committed to the source screen.

"Almost all modern phones have many open source components, but it was only a matter of time before someone with a pure open source phone without cords.'s Really exciting to see Ubuntu enters the phone market," said Winston.

In a market already saturated and unpredictable, Ubuntu will be able to attract users of Apple's iOS, Android and even Windows Phone?