Google+: Now In Second Place In Social Networks

Facebook is still the largest social networks with a wide margin. According GlobalWebIndex count of Facebook has almost 700-1000000 active users. The research defines active users as those used or contributed to a site in the past month.

The top three global social networks, Facebook, Google and Twitter are growing by leaps and bounds. "The data collected in GWI.8 (Q4 2012) shows the continuous change in the use of social platforms located beings worldwide with strong growth of Twitter, Google and Facebook.'s Fastest growing network in 2013 to" Mode active employment "was Twitter that grew 40% to 288m in our 31 markets (about 90% of the global Internet population.) 21% of the global Internet population now actively use Twitter monthly. This compared with 21% active use of YouTube, 25% active use Google+ and a whopping 51% of Facebook on a monthly basis. "