How To Get Your Website On The First Page of Google Search Results

If your site on the first page of Google search success, this means that this is the best indication in the online network marketing. Online marketing is one of the best goals of each network.

I'll tell you how the first place on the first page of Google for directions, this is really valuable technique, but first we must indicate the high Google ranking is needed for each network.

The many websites of different companies with their own content. The right content is very important for successful websites. Because if each site has a good content on your own product or whatever, then the client can easily understand its importance and clicking.

After the proper content of the website is very important for the best jobs, and that almost 100% of people clicking on the link fist they see, or at least a link on the first page of engines search. Everyone knows that Google is not. An Internet search engine.

Now, let's start with step by step with our lesson today:

1. Keyword research:

First, it depends on what subject you want to write, do you have a good keyword required for good keyword is considered highly your website in search volume, but without much competition. Using Google Keyword Tool AdWords to find the perfect word and after application of this technique can get your website on the first page of Google search.

Now, how big is the competition in a 'heavy' keywords to avoid it?

The answer lies in the long tail keywords. Example: If you want to write about MLM, competition in that word is very large, so only MLM only in the mail header. Write the word in the keyword tool of MLM and get ideas for your keyword, using data from Google Adwords is.

There are over 150 keywords containing the word MLM, so it is best for people with competitive high jump (usually ordered from highest to lowest) and scroll down to keywords with some space to leave in the competition box. But with the global monthly search volume for 1200 (average of 1200 people look for that specific keyword in the search engines monthly = 40 per day)

2. Implement appropriate keywords on sites:

After finding a good keyword, implement in your head, such find to build your MLM holder keyword could be "How to Build MLM Online - Explore your business.

Once the head is important that you use the same keyword in the first sentences of the text to repeat, but be careful to write with a real sense, no repeat no connection to the rest of the text, for example, you can write: " It is crucial to learn how to build online MLM.

This is important because the categories of search engines recognize and contemplate not only the head but also an overview of the text, in most cases, is the beginning of the text.

After completing all the text, you must link to edit your post. Your writing platform automatically creates a link to your post, but usually contains all the headers that you may not need to edit and leave only keywords (if desired, you can also write a date or 1 or 2 words Keywords are closely related to the keyword).

If you do this step, the key posted 3 basic places: the title, summary and link. Search engines recognize keywords in all 3 places, so if you implement the 3 steps, then, is your chance to hit the first page are far superior.

3. Tags:

After completion of writing your content, you will need to add tags, labels are closely related keywords, so depending on what words you want your content to be connected and asylum drive back to his place, which their labels to write. In our example "How to Build MLM Online explode your business" labels are: MLM, MLM Online, MLM build, business and more to be found in the rest of the text.

4. Quality of product:

This is the priority range and after the latest update of Google, if you do not have the extensive quality SEO article can help not only your email to get ranked on the first page. Writing a quality post with a minimum of 500 words and add relevant images, screenshots and video if you have.

5. Exposure:

You must submit your text in the right place. Many people think that distribute content to as many sites as possible, she receives a high position in Google. Well, that's not true. If you take your time and effort, you must ensure that the content posted in important places, but the easiest way to share with single cable marker and Share button. This will expose your content to 39 different locations, including the main.

Personally, I have nothing. After finding keywords, type I (I'm usually more words and type) in the Google search and see the first 5 cups. The sites where the heads came maybe good places to send its contents as from That or These are sites where you can register and place your profile to create blogs, participate in forums, meet other networks. So you not only get higher
Google Ranking of placing on these sites, "you will get more opportunities to generate leads, develop business relationships and the brand itself. PS Some of these sites require an update so you can post blogs, so if you want everything with zero cost, stick to the fire.

As promised, all these steps are completely free, no need to spend a single currency for the first to reach the first page of Google!